MelsenCare Face Shield®

Disposable Face Shield for Safety and Patient Care

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): One-size, flexible foam, quick-fit head-band with polycarbonate plastic shield offering excellent transparency for improved patient care. Optimal protection of eyes, nose, and mouth from aerosols, sprays, and splatters. Also suitable for use with glasses. This product is CE-marked.

Flexible, one-size foam headband

Excellent transparency

Quick assembly and fitting

Improves patient care

Soft material for high comfort

Extremely light

Hygienically wrapped and packaged


Optimal Protection

MelsenCare Face Shield® is a full-face shield which protects the facial area from splashes, sprays, and spatter of bodily fluids. Easy to assemble, the shield provides a comfortable fit, even when worn over eyewear and facemasks.

High Optical Quality

The plastic shield is made from polycarbonate, ensuring high optical quality and improved patient care, as the user’s facial expression can easily be observed through the screen.

MelsenCare Face Shield® foam headband is made from polyethylene foam and has a unique and flexible one-size design, allowing a perfect fit for any head size, thereby eliminating the inconvenience of continual adjustments.

Made in Denmark

The MelsenCare Face Shield® comes with a removeable foil and is hygieni­cally and individually packaged. Designed for single-use. Latex-free. Compliant with ISO 9000:2015. Patent pending.

Designed and produced in Denmark, part of the European Union

Easy to Assemble

Step 1:
The MelsenCare Face Shield® consists of two parts:
A foam headband and a screen.

Step 2:
Locate the flap on the screen.

Step 3:
Pull the flap to peel the plastic sheet off.

Step 4:
Insert each hook on the foam band to its matching hole in the screen.

Step 5:
Make sure to push the edges to the base of the hook.

Step 6:
Adjust the screen to fit the embossed square on the front.

Step 7:
The face shield is now assembled.

Step 8:
Pull out the back strap of the foam headband and place on head.

Technical Information

COVID-19 related EN 166 visor Disposable Face Shield MT_FS101 MelsenCare Shield 101

User Information Sheet

Read this instruction sheet carefully before use.

This product is classified as Category III Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the European PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and has been shown to comply with this Regulation through limited testing against the Harmonised European Standard EN 166:2001.

Certification is carried out by:

SATRA Technology Europe Ltd. Bracetown Business Park, Clonee, D15YN2P, Republic of Ireland

6. Design

7.1.1 Field of vision Refractive powers Transmittance Diffusion of light 7.1.3 Quality of materials Increased robustness Stability at elevated temperature 7.1.7 Resistance to ignition 7.2.4 Droplets and splashes of liquids

This product is designed to provide some protection against contact with airborne droplets that may constitute a biological hazard. However, always remember that no item of PPE can provide full protection, and care must always be taken while carrying out the risk-related activity. Never use this visor for protection against other hazards for which the product is not designed for or tested against.

To optimise protection, it will be necessary to use these products with suitable  gloves/gowns/masks. In this case, before carrying out the risk-related activity, consult your supplier or supervisor to ensure that all your protective products are compatible and suitable for your application. Warning: Parts of the visor that come into contact with your skin may lead to allergic reactions. In this case, please discontinue use and seek medical advice.


This product is stored dry and at normal storage temperature.

Store the product in a dark place, away from sunlight, when not in use.

Once the product has been taken into use from stock, it has a lifespan of 5 years.


The removable, protective film is not a toy for children and can cause suffocation.


After use, the product is disposed of as recyclable plastic.

Technical Information

Product Code:
MT-FS101 MelsenCare Face Shield 101

The product is marked with:
CE 2777 showing that the product meets the requirements of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

This test is performed by:
SATRA Technology
Europe Ltd.

Name of production company:
Melsen Tech A/S
Dallvej 4
DK 9200 Aalborg

Dimensions: (W x L x D):
245 x 392 x 0.48 mm

Shield Material:
Polycarbonate Headband

Polyethylene Foam (PE)

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